We just want everyone to know that we appreciate all of the support that we are getting. If it werent for the support and prayers I dont know what we would do. I have come to terms with this and that it is God's will. He needs her more than we do, and I think that my mom needs her too. I know that she has faith in me that I can get through this. I feel her beside of me and she will help me get through this. Her Grandma will hold her tight until I get up there with her. I am just thankful to have her for the little time that I do. I will cherish every second of each and every day and every little hiccup and kick. (I tell you what she can sure kick) I want God to determine when I am ready and strong enough to let her go and when he is ready for her. Thank you all once again. I love each and every one of you!! I will keep you posted on the pregnancy. I go on May 11th to talk to Dr Harrison about what we want to do. She said that she will support me with whatever decision I make, because the best decision is the one we make. She is the best Dr and I love her for the support that she has given us. People say bad things about her, but she is really great!!!


Nicole said...

Hey sweetie, Its Nicole mommy to Logan Quinn. Just letting you know that I am thinking of you. This is not easy, but there are other mothers like us out there who are there for you.

Holly said...

I am praying for you Mia!