Here are some new items that baby Nevaeh has received in the mail from so wonderful ladies. These ladies are such wonderful and kind hearted people that I have ever met. I am forever grateful for their generosity and selflessness. Bless you all.

Bless you all and thank you from the bottom of our hearts. I promise that she will wear each and every one of the items if even for just a minute a piece and she will have her picture taken in each also. You are all our Angels and Hero's!!
Celia is also an Anen mommy who has an Angel Baby named Noah who was born just a short 12 weeks ago and lived a miraculous 19 hours. She is trying to start a ministry on her blog to help other grieving families by making comforting little baby hats, and needs some help with a name for it and help promoting it. Here is her link so please take a minute to read it. Bless you and thank you.
Well I guess I am going to vent a little bit now. As you all know what my family and I are going through right now plus I have been taking care of my dad since December due to him having a quad bypass plus maze procedure. I am now somehow in charge of making sure my husbands grandmother is taking her meds and eating everyday. As I have wrote before, she has been sick since the middle of June with Pneumonia and now has since been diagnosed with fibrosis, COPD and Emphazema. She has lost about 20 pounds since June and is pretty much refusing to eat much at all. She has a daughter who tries her hardest to take care of her (whom is my mother in law) but she works pretty much full time and can not check on her everyday. She works at our local grocery story and has varying hours. She also has a son who does work full time, but he has set hours and when he gets off in the afternoon and drives pretty much right past our street and never stops because his beer waiting at home is to important than stopping to check on his mother. Then he goes home gets loaded and then starts calling everyone bitching at us and saying that we need to check on Mom and make sure she is ok. Well if he would bother stopping by sometime he would see that I am over there atleast 4-5 times a day checking on her. That is the second thing I do of a morning after getting my oldest ready and off to energy express. His own wife has not once stopped by to check on her own mother in law to see if she needs anything!!!! The only time he stops by is if he needs money to gamble or by cigs or beer!!! It is getting old and if any of them read this I could care less!!!! It needs to be said and I am the only one who will!!!! If they would ever show their faces around her I would tell them how self absorbed they are being!!!! I just wish that for once people would think of me and what I am going through. Do they forget??? Do they not care??? It hurts me so much. I feel like I am being walk over and stomped on and they do not care how I am mentally, physically or emotionally!!! I am only human and I am only one person. I am not a nurse nor am I super woman!!! I mean there are not enough hours in the day for me to take care of my own family let alone everyone else!! I feel like I am obligated to take care of my dad, because I am the only one he has. No one else ever checks on him or makes sure he has groceries or his meds. Plus he is my father and I do owe that to him!!! My life is just getting to be too much right now and I feel like it is caving in around me. I am being pushed to the max and to the limit and do not know how much more I can take!!! I am supposed to be enjoying what little time I have left with Nevaeh, and not feeling depressed every second of everyday!!! Heck I do not have time to clean my house!!! My house is a disaster and at this moment I could care less!!! I am being serious too!!! I should feel ashamed because of it, but I dont!! I just give up!! I dont care anymore!!! Not once has any one of my family or (so-called) friends offered to keep my girls for a while so that I can clean up or relax. Nor has anyone offered to help me around the house!!! It will be the same after I loose Nevaeh too. I will have to suck it up and do it all!!! I just want people to realize that I am only 1 person and I can NOT do everything!!!! I need time to myself. Time to cry, to get a hot shower in peace, to take a nap in peace.....At this point I just feel like giving up on everything!!! I know that after September comes and goes I am going to fall completely apart and not be able to function!!! Because I have no support at all!!! For those of you reading this who really know me, who think that just because you "SAY" that you support me through words does not "SHOW" your support!! And to the "FRIENDS" who say that they will do anything for me and will always be there. Where are you? I need you now.....If you really know me at all you should know that I do not ask for help. I hate asking!! I hate feeling like a bum!!! Offer your support, your time, your shoulder to cry one......Call me or stop in to check on me!!! I am just tired of being ALONE and feeling like I am the only one who is going through this right now!!!

OK enough venting. I have myself a mess right now. Thanks for reading!!
Please say a prayer for baby Stellan and his family as they are have a hard time right now. Stellan is not doing well and needs prayers. Here is a link to his story if you do not already know it. Thank you and please keep this going.

Prayers for Stellan
Hello all. Wish me luck today. As we take both girls school shopping. Makailyn will be a 1st grader and little Makenzie was excepted into Pre-K. My baby is growing up. It pains me to think that I will be spending time all by myself while they are in school this fall. I was so looking forward to having Nevaeh here with me bonding. As the beginning of school approaches so does her due date. And I am getting so scared. I have actually had people ask me if I am ready.....I mean come on....get real??? Is anyone ever ready or prepared to loose their baby?? My response is I will never be ready and try to hold back the tears. I just feel so lost these days. I am sure all of you angel mommy's know what I mean. But I have to and must stay strong for my family. Especially our girls!! They are getting so excited to meet their baby sister. My oldest Makailyn can not wait to hold her. I have explained to her that she may not be living when she gets to hold her and that if she is afraid that it was ok not to want to. But we are praying that we get some precious time so that she can experience her life as I have these past 32 weeks. Makailyn will even get her baby dolls out and say mommy Baby Nevaeh will look just like her only Nevaeh will have a flat head. She said she will be just as pretty. I think that she understands at her age which is 6. On the other hand I am starting to worry about Makenzie. She will look at me and tell me that her new baby sissy (Mavaeh is how she says it) is going to live with Jesus up in the sky with the angels and I will tell her yes, but then she will see a baby toy or the infant carseat and say mommy my baby sissy is going to have fun playing with this or sitting in this wont she? And I will try to explain to her that she will not be able to do those things. She recently found an old pair of booties that they use for their baby dolls and said mommy we need to get Mavaeh some of these. I said I know she will look beautiful in heaven wearing them, and she looked at me so seriously and said no mommy she will look bootiful wearing them at home too. It just breaks my heart. I am not prepared in how she will react at the hospital. She is wise for a 3 year old, but she is determined that Nevaeh is coming home with us before she goes to heaven. It just breaks my heart to pieces.

Anyway, about our shopping trip. We are going to venture to Cumberland to Gabriels to see what bargins we can find. Makailyn wants Nikes and I am hoping to find her a cheap pair there. We received our clothing vouchers a couple weeks ago, so we have decided to go before things get to hectic around here. So wish me luck. They both seem to be in a pretty good mood, but I swear they both have multiple personalities and their moods can change at the drop of a hat. I have my fingers crosses for a stressless day. Update when I return....Hopefully with all of my hair!! LOL
Hello all. I have been busy looking everywhere for things for baby Nevaeh Grace. The most important thing has been trying to find her the perfect little hat for her little head. I have been to many websites and stores and everything looks so big. I am not sure of what size to buy for her, but I am sure that it is small. My sister stopped by yesterday with a bag from walmart. She bought her 3 beanies that look pretty small and one beanie that is a newborn that comes with little booties that are disney princess. I am very appreciative of that. Thanks Sis!!
I have been on Ebay and can not really find anything buy 0-6 months and a few newborns and i do not know if they will be small enough as I can not judge the size. So I remembered I once used to make baby shower items and wreaths and sell them on there, so I went back in search for something. I looked and looked, but everything seemed to look so big. So on there they have something called Alchemy, where you make a custom listing. So I made a custom listing explaining what I needed and why I needed them and within minutes my conversations where filling up. I had put on there that I was willing to pay for the hats, but did not have alot of money for them. As some people have up to $25.00 on some of their items. Dont get me wrong, they are absolutely beautiful. I am just in awwww of all of the generous people still left in this world. I have had offers for blankets to be made for her with her name on them as a gift, many bonnets, beanies, and little hats as gifts or I pay shipping. Items for my older girls as gifts for them. Dresses, handmade frames, memory boxes, shadow boxes, little wooden dolls, matted poems, baby cocoons, a pendent with her name on it, and calligraphy. I am sure that I am missing a few things. It is overwhelming, and warms my heart so much that people want to gift Nevaeh and her big sisters these items. The one thing that really shocked me was a lady who draws in charcoal, she wants a family picture of all of us or just Nevaeh after she is born and the only thing she asks if for shipping to be paid. I would be blessed in having that to hang on my wall as her talent is unbelievable.
Yesterday I received a cut little hat that looks like an upside down tulip that is pink and has a green stem and leaf on the top.
Today I just received a package that had a pink baby cocoon, 2 little crocheted hats, and 2 flower crocheted hair ties for the girls.

I am just so blessed to have so many loving a caring people online and in my life. thank you all and God Bless you. Every handmade item, or other item that we receive for baby Nevaeh will be cherished forever. thank you from the bottom of my heart.
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Go check it out and enter for your chance to win!!
Think about this:

1. Cows

2. The Constitution

3. The Ten Commandments



Is it just me, or does anyone else find it amazing
That during the mad cow epidemic our government could track
a single cow, born in Canada almost three years ago, right
To the stall where she slept in the state of Washington ?
And, they tracked her calves to their stalls. But they are
Unable to locate 11 million illegal aliens wandering around
Our country. Maybe we should give each of them a cow..



They keep talking about drafting a Constitution for
Iraq .... Why don't we just give them ours? It was
Written by a lot of really smart guys, it has worked for
Over 200 years, and we're not using it anymore.



The real reason that we can't have the Ten
Commandments posted in a courthouse or Congress is this --
You cannot post 'Thou Shalt Not Steal' 'Thou
Shalt Not Commit Adultery' and 'Thou Shall Not
Lie' in a building full of lawyers, judges and
Politicians .... It creates a hostile work environment.


Hi all. Sorry that I have not posted for a while. I have been pretty busy not to mention kinda sick. First my hubby's grandmother has been really sick for over a month now and she just does not seem to be getting any better. She only lives 2 houses up the street from me and I have been trying my best to keep an eye on her. She was first diagnosed with pneumonia and it is since cleared up with 2 rounds back to back of Zithromycin. Now she is still somehow running fevers and having night sweats and not wanting to eat at all. Plus this lady was always up until 10:30pm-11pm every night because she had shows that she faithfully watched. Now she goes to bed before 7pm most nights and just the other night was in bed around 5:30pm. I am really worried about her. I hope they soon find out what is wrong and she bounces back!!!

As you all know my father has moved right next door to us and he is not in the best health himself. He had a quad-bypass back in Dec of 08'. So I have been keeping a really close eye on him to and making sure he gets his meds and making sure he is eating. He is in his glory having the girls at his house anytime they want to. They love to spend the night with Papaw. The youngest has to go to his house every morning for breakfast and he will fix her whatever she wants. I think that he is spoiling them!!! LOL

Makailyn (my 6 yr old) has been going to summer school of sorts called Energy Express for the past 2 weeks and will continue to go until the beginning of August and then Cheer leading starts. She is really enjoying it so much. She gets up around quarter til 8am and catches the bus down the street at about 8:30am. She then gets home around quarter til 1pm Monday Thur Friday.

I have both girls in our local library's Summer Reading program. They love it!! I usually take them every Saturday to the Library to pick out their books and then it seems like they want to read every one of them as soon as we get home. I am not complaining, because not too many children like to read let alone are interested in reading. Makailyn usually reads her books to Makenzie with little or no help. I then read Makenzie's books to them both. I think we just returned every Eric Carle Book the library had since they are Makenzie's fav's and Makailyn had a majority of the Dr Seuss books because those are her favorite.

This evening is the New Creek Carnival at 6pm and we are planning on taking them up for a little bit. Its nothing big only a few little kids rides and a few games, but its something to do in this small town. The girls have been so excited all day today and wanting to know when they open. They do not understand that it is not until 6pm and are getting anxious and antsy!!!

So now you know how my life has been here lately.....I just feel so Rushed sometimes.....I think I need some me time here very soon......

Oh and me I think that my nerves are starting to get the better of me the closer September comes. I have had a headache for a week now and can not seem to kick it....I was taking Tylenol, but it is starting to tear up my stomach and that makes for a miserable night of sleep...if you want to call it that....? I am still loosing weight like crazy and just do not understand it at all??? Anyone else experience that? According to my dad's scales and WIC I have lost a total of 16lbs so far. I guess we will see on Monday what my Dr has to say. I often wonder if the reason I am measuring 3 weeks more is that I am retaining extra fluid, but wouldn't I be gaining more weight instead of loosing??? Any input is greatly appreciated and helpful!! I tell the family these things and they are getting their hopes up for a miracle and I told them to just stop that everyone is different and I am not going to get my hopes up for that. I mean that would be the best thing in the world, but I am not expecting it at all. Thank you all for keeping up with my blog!!

***Photobucket This is one of my favorite pictures that I have ever taken of my oldest daughter Makailyn. She was a little over 2 years old here and you can really see her personality and attitude here.

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