Hello all. I have been busy looking everywhere for things for baby Nevaeh Grace. The most important thing has been trying to find her the perfect little hat for her little head. I have been to many websites and stores and everything looks so big. I am not sure of what size to buy for her, but I am sure that it is small. My sister stopped by yesterday with a bag from walmart. She bought her 3 beanies that look pretty small and one beanie that is a newborn that comes with little booties that are disney princess. I am very appreciative of that. Thanks Sis!!
I have been on Ebay and can not really find anything buy 0-6 months and a few newborns and i do not know if they will be small enough as I can not judge the size. So I remembered I once used to make baby shower items and wreaths and sell them on there, so I went back in search for something. I looked and looked, but everything seemed to look so big. So on there they have something called Alchemy, where you make a custom listing. So I made a custom listing explaining what I needed and why I needed them and within minutes my conversations where filling up. I had put on there that I was willing to pay for the hats, but did not have alot of money for them. As some people have up to $25.00 on some of their items. Dont get me wrong, they are absolutely beautiful. I am just in awwww of all of the generous people still left in this world. I have had offers for blankets to be made for her with her name on them as a gift, many bonnets, beanies, and little hats as gifts or I pay shipping. Items for my older girls as gifts for them. Dresses, handmade frames, memory boxes, shadow boxes, little wooden dolls, matted poems, baby cocoons, a pendent with her name on it, and calligraphy. I am sure that I am missing a few things. It is overwhelming, and warms my heart so much that people want to gift Nevaeh and her big sisters these items. The one thing that really shocked me was a lady who draws in charcoal, she wants a family picture of all of us or just Nevaeh after she is born and the only thing she asks if for shipping to be paid. I would be blessed in having that to hang on my wall as her talent is unbelievable.
Yesterday I received a cut little hat that looks like an upside down tulip that is pink and has a green stem and leaf on the top.
Today I just received a package that had a pink baby cocoon, 2 little crocheted hats, and 2 flower crocheted hair ties for the girls.

I am just so blessed to have so many loving a caring people online and in my life. thank you all and God Bless you. Every handmade item, or other item that we receive for baby Nevaeh will be cherished forever. thank you from the bottom of my heart.