Christmas Cards Pour in for 5-Year-Old Boy Dying of Cancer
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Just recieved a message from Rebecca. Baby Trinadee was born at 1:36pm and lived for about 15 mins. She weighed 3lbs 9ozand was 16 1/2 in long. She told me that it was ok to update everyone. She is the most beautiful little angel too.....Thank you for keeping them in your prayers. Please continue to pray for them as they continue their long journey. As they will have a very tough and rocky road ahead. Bless you all for your kindness and support. I have passed the prayers on to the family and will continue to do so. Thank you all.

Please pray for my dear friends Darin and Rebecca today, as they deliver Baby Trinadee, she has Anecephaly like our precious Nevaeh Grace. Lord please wrap your arms around this family and hold them tight as they walk this journey tomorrow. My heart is aching for them right now.........

Well, as most of you know. I went into the hospital early Tuesday morning August 25th to give birth via c-section to our Angel Nevaeh Grace. She graced us with her beautiful presence at 8:15am and we heard her make a couple little grunts and moved her eyes a little bit. She passed peacefully in mommy's arms with daddy right beside of her 59 mins later at 9:14am right before her big sisters walked into the room to see their baby sister that they had been longing to meet. I am telling you what, they are some very proud big sisters too!!! Makailyn brought her little V-Tech camera and took so many pictures right along with Dina our NILMDTS photographer. She was so adorable. They could not get enough of Nevaeh, and wanted to constantly hold her.

Little Miss Nevaeh Grace Spiker was born Tuesday August 25th 2009 at 8:15am weighing 3lbs. 13.6oz. and was 15 1/4in long. Her little head measured 8 3/4in. and her chest was 10 1/8. She had the cutest little nose and the longest little feet and toes. While I was bathing her Makenzie who is now 3 asked me if I was done. I told her yes that she was all done with her bath and she looked at me so seriously and said "Mommy you forgot to wash her face." I said to her honey I washed it and she said "No you didnt mommy cause it is still dirty." That made me smile and tear up at the same time. Nevaeh was really bruised and turned blue fast, So Makenzie thought that she was dirty. Matter of fact she would not kiss her at first because she said she was too dirty. That was the first thing that she told everyone in the waiting room after seeing her. I know I got a little side tracked there. Nevaeh passed away in my arms at 9:14 am, 59 mins after she entered into our world. I am posting a few pics that I took and will try to update more often, but I dont know when. Here is a link to her obituary if you would like to read it. Nevaeh Grace Spiker's Obituary

Many Blessings and lots of Love, Thank you all for your support and prayers. They are what help me get through each and every day.

Well my little Cheerleader had her first game today!! They did great!!! C-Team won their game 40-0, Makailyn had a great time!! Rained a little bit but not much. Just enough to make it hotter!! After we got home we found out that the teachers classes where posted at the school, so we quickly ran out and found out that Makailyn has Mrs. Marsh. That is who her daddy wanted her to have. She is so excited to start 1st grade!!! My baby is growing up too fast!!!!

Plus, we only have 3 days until our little Angel Nevaeh Grace makes her grand entrance. I am trying to get everything in order before the big day on Tuesday. I know that we are going to have tons of company. And my house is still a disaster!!! Will need to get my butt moving tomorrow after Sunday School and Church. That is if I can muster up any energy!!! Think that I pretty much have everything for Nevaeh in order, as well as it is going to get. I have to be in L&D @ 6am Tuesday morning and they are taking me back to the OR @ 7:30am. Please say a prayer for our family, as the last part of our journey. thank you all for the support and prayers. I know that this will be the toughest part. I just hope that we will be able to withstand this storm with the Lord holding us tight. Blessings and Love!!

Well today I go to have my last ultrasound and Dr appointment before Little Miss Nevaeh's arrival. Only today is an extra special day. Today is my Momma who is in Heavens birthday. I miss her so much. She passed away when I was 7 years old and I really do not remember much about her. But I do remember how much she loved me and how much I love her. I think that I am giving her a very special birthday present even though she is going to be late, but my momma is going to have her very own Grandbaby to love and spoil. I am sad that Nevaeh is leaving us, but I am happy for my Mom. She is will take excellent care of her until I can be with her again. So Happy Birthday In Heaven Mom!!! I love you and miss you so much!!!

I know that I have not been updating regularly, but I have been having some very rough days. At this point in time I feel lost.....I do not know where to turn nor what to do next. I have to get my house in order before everything happens. When I say its a mess I do not mean that there is dust and it needs straightened up. When I say it is a mess I mean it is A MESS!!!! I managed to get my living room in order yesterday and today It does not look like it was touched. My family are tornadoes!!!! That is the reason that I have given up on cleaning!!!!!!!!!! I am so full of extra fluid at this point that it takes alot for me to do something. I get out of breath so easily. Plus I have been having these horrible headaches for the past week. I have been taking my fioricet, but that does not even touch it. I know that they are related to stress, but what can I do. That is my life...STRESS....! Yesterday and today I have felt really weird. Like I am floating. I have checked my pressure and it is normal and I have also checked my sugar and it is normal. I just dont know. Probably the heat.

We have been pretty busy lately with Makailyn's cheerleading practice which has been 4 nights a week. Our youngest Makenzie is really mad at me right now, because I did not have the money to register her in dance as I had promised. But that and cheerleading was before we found out about Nevaeh's diagnosis. That may be another reason I am down, I just feel like a failure right now in every way. I can not keep my house clean, I can not please my husband, I can not give my girls what they want or need and I can not provide for my baby girl Nevaeh. Sometimes I actually wonder if life is worth it. I know that that sounds harsh, but I am to my breaking point and I hope that God can lead me in the right direction. Bless you all for reading. And putting up with my whinning.
Well, we went to the Dr today. I have gained 3 pounds so now I am neg 13 instead of neg 16. Nevaeh is still really active. Her heart rate was 128 and the dr said that that is normal. She then told me that she has been talking to some other people about me wanting to have a c-section and she see's and understands where I am coming from. I am happy for that, so she is having an ultrasound done in 2 weeks which is August 17th (my Angel Mommy's Birthday) to see how much extra fluid I am retaining and what position Nevaeh is laying. Then on August 25th she is doing the c-section. That means that we only have 3 more weeks with Nevaeh safe and sound. I felt like I was hit with a ton of bricks, because I was expecting to have her for another 7 weeks, not just 3 weeks. She told me that she feels that Nevaeh will have a better chance at surviving longer if she delivers at 36 weeks. I told her that even if it is just minutes with her, the c-section is worth it. So now I have so much to do and so little time to do it. I have a house to clean and arrangements to make and things to get in order for our angel. There is so much that I want for her and do not think I will be able to get. Seeing how our time has shortened so much. I just do not know what to do with myself. I have done nothing but cry off and on since my appointment. Dont get me wrong, I am so happy to be finally be able to meet her, but I want to be able to keep her safe longer.

I am so glad school clothing shopping is done. All we have to do now is get backpacks and supplies for the girls. I have to find out when Makenzie's home visit is, because it is usually the week that Makailyn goes back which is August 26th. I am torn to what I should do there too. Should I send her to her first day of school or what??? I dont know what would be best for her. I want her to be with me and her baby sister as long as possible, even after she passes. But I do not want her to miss out on her first day of school. I now have to figure out who her 1st grade teacher is so that I can let her know what is going on, plus find out who Makenzie has for Pre-K so that I can find out when home visits are. I just feel so overwhelmed right now and I do not know where to turn. I literally feel like I am going crazy!!! Well, I am going to "TRY" to get some sleep. I have to email the funeral director to see when we can make her arrangements, because I do not think that I can do it after the fact. Thank you so much for reading and the continued prayers. Bless you all and I love ya's. Mia
Here are some new items that baby Nevaeh has received in the mail from so wonderful ladies. These ladies are such wonderful and kind hearted people that I have ever met. I am forever grateful for their generosity and selflessness. Bless you all.

Bless you all and thank you from the bottom of our hearts. I promise that she will wear each and every one of the items if even for just a minute a piece and she will have her picture taken in each also. You are all our Angels and Hero's!!