Hello everyone. I am sorry that I have not been updating, but I just haven't been able to force myself to talk about Nevaeh. I know that I need to do it more often. I have been trying to block out my pain, but have come to realize that I am making my life and my families life a misery. I have been told that talking about my angel will help me heal. I just dont know how that will help, but I am trying this out. I miss her more and more every day that passes by. I still to this day sleep with her blanket every night. That is comfort to me. The girls have been asking about her more and more lately. They say that they miss her so much. The other night while Makenzie and I where laying in bed she looked over at me with such a sad and serious face and said "Mommy, when is Nevaeh gonna be done with Jesus and come back home and live with us cause I miss her sooooooo much?" That just broke my heart into a thousand little pieces. Then she asked if we where gonna get a new baby since Nevaeh died and went to heaven.