Well, Dr called me today and we talked a good while. She did apologize, but still sticks to wanting me to have a vaginal birth. She said that she feels that it is the best thing for me especially if I want to have more children. She also put me on Zofran for my nausea and vomiting. It seems to be taking most of the queezyness away. I still can not eat all that much. I will just have to deal with that from now on. We both feel that it is my nerves and the stress that I am under. She also apologized for that too, she said that she did not think that it was that bad. I just wish that she would understand where I am coming from about the c-section. I want to give my baby girl the best chance she can have to breath life on this earth. I have already told my husband that I want him with her every second after she is born and not to worry about me. I guess I really have some soul searchin to do right now and thinking about what is best for me in the long run. I just want to meet my baby girl, and I want to hear her life and see her breath if only for a few seconds. If I can not then I want my husband too experience that, as I am experiencing her life inside of me. He needs that moment also. Am I being selfish to my other girls?? Should I have another VBac so that I will be able to do more for them?? Dr told me that I may labor and not progress and still have to have a c-section. I just do not know what to do I am torn.......My heart is breaking with this decision.........Why cant she just be a normal baby girl????? Please pray that God will guide me to make the right decision? Please??

I am going to be seen every 2 weeks to ease my mind. I am so glad for that. Thank you for listening to me ramble on and on.....

Love and Hugs!!! Mia


Holly said...

It's not an easy decision to make. Either way won't change the outcome. I had a vaginal birth and Carleigh was born still. C-sections do increase the changes of your baby being born alive but I wasn't comfortable with having a C-section. Of course, that didn't stop me from second guessing myself. You have time to think it over and make sure of what you really want.

I'm glad your dr apologized!!!

Mary Ellen said...

I am glad to hear your Dr apoligized. I will be praying for you and your husband that you will make the decision that is best for you.