Wow.....I had the most wonderful weekend this past weekend. I actually got to spend quality time with just my hubby and my girls. I could not tell you the last time we had a family day. I enjoyed ever last minute of it also!!! We got to go to the dirt track races and watch my uncle and his son race and we got to watch the movie Up!! I totally recommend that movie!! We all really enjoyed it so much!!

However I have been paying for it these past 2 days. I think I did alittle too much, because I was really crampy last night and some this morning. But I would not trade that time for anything. I have realized that I not only have to cherish every minute that I have left with my Little Angel, but I also have to cherish ever second that I have with my family as well. This journey is opening up my eyes so much and making me appreciate alot more little things.

The lady who sent the pink baby blanket also sent me a book called "waithing with Gabriel" a story of cherishing a baby's brief life by: Amy Kuebelbeck This is such a wonderful gift and book. I really appreciate her sending it to me. If you have not heard of it or read it I strongly suggest it. It is not about Anen, but HLHS. (Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome) but this family has felt the same heartache that each of us has or is. Its very comforting.

I have also joined a couple causes on Facebook and Myspace about Anencephaly. I made the one on myspace and I also made a group on there if anyone is interested in viewing them here are the links. If you want you may add me on either as a friend and join!! I am trying to spread the word about what we are experiancing and what to do to try to prevent it. To my surprise there are alot of people who have never ever heard of this. I just hope and pray they take what they read and see seriously and not think its a joke.

I want to thank everyone for all of the support that I and my family are recieving. It feels really comforting to have so many people care for us and care about what we are going through. As our own families treat us like we have the plague and will not speak of her.

Thank you once again. The top picture is the picture I made for my group and cause and the ribbon is what I made for my profile. If anyone would like to snag it buy all means please feel free!! (Anencephaly Awareness & Support Group on myspace) (Anencephaly Cause on myspace) (Defeating Anencephaly cause on facebook)

Thank you once again!!


Holly said...

I read that book Waiting with Gabriel. It is a really good book and I could relate a lot to it. I am a part of that FB cause too.