Sorry that I have not updated in a while, but I have been busy. Saturday was just a blur to me as I could have cried at the drop of a hat. I was on an emotional rollacoaster all day long. But for fathers day I was able to straighten up and attempt to make my husband feel like a king!!! I started the day by making my hubby breakfast. I made him pancakes, sausage, scrambled eggs and coffee. He was grateful for that. Then the girls could hardly wait to give him gifts....(thank you WUAH friends for your help)...He got a watch, a pair of blue jean shorts, a pair of Keyser Tornado shorts, a pair of WVU shorts, a t-shirt that says Big Daddy, and a Carl Edwards t-shirt. We also picked him up 2 cards from walmart too. After that Eric's dad and sister stopped by for a visit and then we went to see his Mom (My mom in law) and step dad to wish him a happy fathers day. Then we went to my Dads and I made him and Eric fathers day dinner. Which consisted of Meatloaf w/cheese for my hubby and then I made a traditional meatloaf for my dad only I stuffed 2 peppers with it and then put the rest in 2 muffin pans and called them Meat Muffins.....(Racheal Ray trick)!! With that I fixed corn and green beans, mashed potatoes and brown and serve rolls and we had applesauce too. They ate like pigs including my oldest Makailyn. I swear I think she is on a growing spurt lately. Cause all she wants to do is eat eat eat!!!

Today I got up at 10:30am I know I know I am lazy!!! But I actually woke up in a pretty good mood today....Which is really a shock to pretty much everyone....Those days come pretty few and far between....I had a Dr appointment at 1pm and my dad had an appointment for his Echo at 3pm so he just road with us. My Dr appointment went GREAT!!! I have lost a total of 11 pounds, but my blood pressure was back to normal which makes me feel better. It was staying in the upper 20's to 30's on the top and in the upper 80's on the bottom. This time I think it was (dont quote me on this) 112/62 or something close to that. Baby Nevaeh Grace is still as rambuxious as always.....flippin and a floppin; her heart rate was 144bpm. She is measuring at 30 and we are 27.1 so she is measuring bigger than expected. Dr. says that Anen babies are usually small.
I also got my script for Folic Acid and a nerve pill. I am hoping that the nerve pill will take the edge off and I will be able to eat more and stop loosing weight. Not that I could stand to loose some more, but this is not the time for that right now. I just hate having this queesyness constantly after I put anything in my tummy. The zofran are working pretty good, but they are also causing more headaches and I have to take more tylenol with them. But they are worth it in the long run. So all in all I had a pretty good Dr visit!!! I did not leave the office nearly in tears as I usually do. They also let me borrow a doppler to check her heart beat and make me feel more comfortable. The girls really love it and I am hoping that it will help my hubbys grandmother see this pregnancy in another light. She is starting to come around and asking me more about Nevaeh minus the sarcasim. That is always a plus!!!

When we got home today we had to go to walmart for fill my scripts and got some groceries for our trip to Rocky Gap with my sis~in~law, my best friend and a bunch of other mommy's and all of the kiddo's on Friday to have a picnic and swim. All I need to find now are some sand toys for the girls. I am going to look at the Dollar Tree tomorrow if not there then I guess I will see what the Goodwill has. They are excited cause they will get to play in the sand and feel like they are on a beach. It will be nice to get out of the house for a change and get to socialize with adults.

We just got out of the pool. The water was 79 almost 80. Kinda cool, but refreshing. Makailyn is a little fish and is only swimming with her special bathing suit that has built in floaty devices in the body of it. She still does not like to go under the water, but she is getting a little bit braver every time she is in. Little Miss Makenzie really surprised me this year. Last year she was a leach and would not go by herself at all. This year she puts on her special suit and her armies and goes from 3 to 8 foot without anyone holding her.....All by meself as she says....She is even trying to swim without her armies just like Bubba aka Makailyn. She just needs to remember to keep her mouth shut cause she sometimes strangles on water and it scares her. They did not want to get out, but I was getting cold and ready to come in and relax. I told them that noone was going to come into Mom-Moms back yard and steal her pool....LOL!!! I am pooped now and about ready to go into my room stretch out on the bed and watch one of the Redbox free movies I brought home today. Either Friday the 13th or She just not that into you.....Still debating on which one to watch.....I love me a good horror flick!!!

So I think I am calling it a night!! Sweet Dreams all and I hope and pray that I get another good nights sleep tonight. I have a feeling I will, atleast I am hoping!!! Big hugs to all....I have been praying for all who have lost their angels and all who are going to in the future. Thank you for being my online friends!!!